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In celebrating Heritage Month and Heritage Day, it is important to celebrate how much improvement we have made as a nation, but also what and whom we have seemingly left behind in our journey forward. The Cape Flats is no stranger to the conversation of what government has left behind in its journey to realise true democracy and equality. Manenberg, the birthplace and home of BRAVE,

August is Women’s Month in South Africa, and it is an opportunity to spotlight all that our women are and have achieved. Besides the month having a very rocky start due to various protest action such as the taxi strike in Cape Town, and service delivery protests in Johannesburg, our women have continued to shine and offer a much-needed energy boost to the country. Cape Town hosted

My soul is fighting for Freedom Day I don’t know why but it's fighting to be honest I’m praying to myself day by day until it’s gonna arrive the day that no-one knows when it will come the day that doesn’t have a friend or heart the day that doesn’t ask for anyone’s permission and doesn’t care about skin colour the day that comes for every rich and poor person the day that keeps a

Have you ever told someone, “let me know when you get home” or “remember to share your uber ride”? If you have, then you probably understand that we live in a world where safety is an issue many women deal with on a day-to-day basis. Fortunately, men do not have to be overly cautious when leaving the house. To end 16 Days of Activism, I hope

Brave Rock Girl’s mission is to inspire and empower future girl leaders and over the past couple of years we increased our support for the 90 adolescent girls we work with. Girls' access to education remains a priority for us. It came to our attention that the need for school supplies remains high and the impact it has on whether or not girls stay in school

Brave Rock Girl (BRAVE) inspires and empowers girl leaders and it’s Daring Disa / Girls in Conservation (DDP) programme is one of the ways it does so.  BRAVE hosted a Family Day on 17 September in Manenberg to celebrate the participants of the Daring Disa / Girls in Conservation Project, twenty-two inspiring high school girls from the community who graduated from the project. They are the

It is the month of August when South Africa commemorates the women who fought for our rights in the face of racism. However, this month is more than just a time to celebrate these women, it is a time to raise awareness of their struggles. It is clear that women and girls in South Africa are faced with a number of challenges and struggles. This could

Dear Parents, It is with a heavy heart and hope for the future that I write to you today. Our Brave Rock Girl charter states: 'Girls should have the right to become resilient, bright, inquisitive young women. No girl should live with the fear of violence and intimidation by gangs, family members, friends, or strangers.' On 18 May we were forced to suspend our programme activities due to the gangs

We all experience days where we feel tired, drained, mentally exhausted and if that's not enough you have to balance work and your personal life and sometimes it becomes too much to deal with. You need to find ways to deal with these emotions whether it is meditation, dancing, hanging out with friends and family or just having someone to talk to. I found talking to

Another young woman's life was taken. Stripped from this earth as though she was nothing. I am angry, hurt and most of all I want to Shout, Shout at the people that are supposed to protect us, Shout at the man that felt he had the power to end her life.   This is devastating and infuriating, I mean come on now how many marches and times do you want us