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Freedom Day stems from the first post-apartheid election held on 27th of April 1994 where citizens from all race groups in South Africa over the age of 18 got to vote for the very first time. Here is where new hopes and dreams for a better nation were now a possibility. There were cheers, celebrations and tears of joy, of leaving the terrible past that our people

The government’s official statement on Freedom Day calls on South Africans to ‘pull together’ over the coming weeks and months to continue the fight against COVID-19. Further, the statement acknowledges that inequality, poverty and unemployment remain the most glaring impediments to South Africa’s goal of national unity and social cohesion. However, the statement fails to acknowledge the government’s own role in impeding the realisation of the

Audery February, BRAVE Senior Leader, interviewed Patsy Daniels as part of BRAVE’s Women’s month focus on inspirational women. Patsy, is a community worker, her passion for community services started in the early 2000’s. She speaks about how she grew up surrounded by people and always listened to their stories about the challenges they faced and since then made it her job to give back to her

We just kicked off our fifth BRAVE Road Trip! This year we bring girls from three countries; USA, Tanzania and South Africa. The girls will surf with other girls from Masiphumele, sleep under the stars in the Cederberg, explore the trails and whales at De Hoop, and meet and interview inspiring girls and iconic women leaders along the way. Trained as youth reporters, filmmakers and photographers, the