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December 2021

  /  2021

16 Days of Activism is a time when we reflect as a nation and show solidarity and join the world in calling for an end to Gender-Based Violence under the banner ‘Orange the World: End Violence Against Women Now!’ It is an opportunity to strengthen efforts towards peace, unity, tolerance and above all, respect for the self and for others. Today I want to take time again

Hi my name Fairoza Alia Gennison, 16 years old. Many people don’t take this topic seriously because they always blame the victim for what happens to them. Majority of the time the victims are women and children. Every day more than 60 reported cases are about women being assaulted by men and we can only imagine the amount of unreported cases there are. Even though there are programs

Blinded by love and scattered in pieces. Our brains develop these coping mechanisms and the possibility of hoping that “he will change”. Our bodies are covered in bruises and aching of pain, still, we find a way to cover the scars and smile so the world won't see how broken and hurt we really are. This way we protect our fellow men, the ones that's supposed to

Audery February, BRAVE Senior Leader, interviewed Patsy Daniels as part of BRAVE’s Women’s month focus on inspirational women. Patsy, is a community worker, her passion for community services started in the early 2000’s. She speaks about how she grew up surrounded by people and always listened to their stories about the challenges they faced and since then made it her job to give back to her

Traci Hurling interviewed Audery February, as part of BRAVE Rock Girl’s women’s month focus on inspirational women, both are BRAVE Senior Leaders. Audery February joined BRAVE 8 years ago at the age of 14. She is a registered tour guide for Escape+Explore, a Cape Town tourism company and the 2020 winner of the Rise Africa award (for Up-and-Coming Rising Star) at the We Are Africa gathering.

Ameera Allie, BRAVE Senior Leader, interviewed Mary Magdalene Tal as part of BRAVE Rock Girl’s women’s month focus on inspirational women. Mary, a compassionate, dedicated woman who advocates for human rights and a seeker for justice for all humankind. Mary Tal is the founder and Executive Director of Whole World Women Association. An organization that aims to create safe and nurturing spaces for refugee and migrant