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Being woman is a gift that we’ve been blessed with. Being woman for many is motherhood, marriage and becoming a housewife. Being woman is being a strong example in your community. A woman’s role in society is often looked upon as an obligation. Something you have no say in. The roles they take on are roles they did not choose.

According to the Oxford dictionary, the new definition “woman” can’t be ‘a persons wife, girlfriend or female lover.’ This definition is ridiculous and stereotypical. Society believes that woman should get married and become housewives. You cannot be guilt-tripped into fulfilling societies’ requirements. We must choose what’s best for ourselves.

Society has instilled fear in women so they would be scared of sharing their sexual orientation in fear of judgement. They are afraid of being abandoned by their friends and family. It can be disheartening when those who should support you are the ones turning their back on you.

Being a woman and having a different sexual orientation doesn’t make you less of a woman.

Being a woman also goes with how you conduct yourself and your view of yourself. In society transgender women are judged on social media and even harrassed. Men feel as though it’s okay to mess with transgender women and lie about their intentions. Some even go as far as being their friends in an attempt to eventually humiliate them. Some people do not view transgender women aren’t viewed as real women because they aren’t born as women biologically, but I believe that you should be able to live in a body you are comfortable with, exist in a body that you resonate with and makes you feel like your true self.

Women in the olden days had to endure hard labour because so much pressure had been put on them. They were forced to do many things on their own. In modern times there are many machines and services which make day-to-day living easier. Even though technology has evolved, women’s day-to-day activities have not. Women are still mainly responsible for housework and tending to the children, and this often on top of having full-time jobs and working for hours on end. These things are expected of us without as much of a thought of how draining it can be.

Another area where women aren’t treated fairly is in the workplace. Nowadays it’s rare to see women in high positions in the workplace because these positions are still male-dominated. Many women are intimidated by this fact and choose not go for a higher position. According to many studies women are paid less than men for the same job. Another disgusting reality is that women get harassed in the workplace by fellow male-employees and high-ranking authorities.

As a woman to be heard, you need to be seen. This means that if your appearance or demeanor does not catch someone’s attention you won’t be listened to. There’s a thing called pretty privilege males would only notice you, be nice to you if you are pretty. Women just get catcalled, harrassed in public and many people see it happening but don’t do anything about it. Women suffer from low self-esteem because of the beauty standards set on social media and also by women around them who they may admire.

Women are told to act and look a certain way in order to fit in. Worse, it isn’t encouraged to be different or to have a sense of originality . We are discouraged from embracing our true worth, who we truly are. We shouldn’t wear our natural hair, shouldn’t embrace our skin, should turn away from our traditions or cultures etc. Women forget their true beauty because they are to busy trying to look better using artificial beauty.

Being a woman can also the possibility of being a victim of gender-based violence or rape. Being afraid to walk alone at night. Being a woman is being seen as an object, being cat-called, being publicly harassed. Being careful about what you wear because it is too tight, shows some skin – otherwise you’re looking for attention. You have to watch what you say and to how say it. Being a woman is knowing there’s a chance a man could kill you because he couldn’t forcibly have his way with you.

The strength of a woman is unparalleled. Women are able to overcome the obstacles we face every day, whether it be fighting for our safety or carrying the emotional burdens of our families. Women are very nurturing creatures. In communities, women are the ones you mainly see doing charity work, feeding the poor at soup kitchens, nursing people to health in clinics and teaching children in school. Despite whatever women are facing, we go out of our way to help others in times of need.

Many women’s environments or home situations aren’t ideal or stable. Yes, our environments aren’t the same, our family dynamics are different yet we can choose whether we want to let that define us and hinder our progress. Your good or best might look completely different to someone else’s and that’s perfectly fine. Being woman isn’t something that can be taught to you. A woman is self-built overtime with patience and experience. Growth doesn’t have a timeline. it happens gradually and sometimes all at once. Whatever growth looks like for you embrace it and celebrate it.

The strength of a woman is not measured by the impact that all her hardships in life have had on her; but the strength of a woman is measured by the extent of her refusal to allow those hardships to dictate her and who she becomes. ― C. JoyBell C (Author and Poet).

 By Shaina Kemp