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August 2023

  /  2023

August is Women’s Month in South Africa, and it is an opportunity to spotlight all that our women are and have achieved. Besides the month having a very rocky start due to various protest action such as the taxi strike in Cape Town, and service delivery protests in Johannesburg, our women have continued to shine and offer a much-needed energy boost to the country. Cape Town hosted

My soul is fighting for Freedom Day I don’t know why but it's fighting to be honest I’m praying to myself day by day until it’s gonna arrive the day that no-one knows when it will come the day that doesn’t have a friend or heart the day that doesn’t ask for anyone’s permission and doesn’t care about skin colour the day that comes for every rich and poor person the day that keeps a

Freedom Day stems from the first post-apartheid election held on 27th of April 1994 where citizens from all race groups in South Africa over the age of 18 got to vote for the very first time. Here is where new hopes and dreams for a better nation were now a possibility. There were cheers, celebrations and tears of joy, of leaving the terrible past that our people