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My soul is fighting for Freedom Day

I don’t know why but it’s fighting to be honest

I’m praying to myself day by day

until it’s gonna arrive

the day that no-one knows when it will come

the day that doesn’t have a friend or heart

the day that doesn’t ask for anyone’s permission

and doesn’t care about skin colour

the day that comes for every rich and poor person

the day that keeps a sheep and lamb

crying for another day to come.

I don’t understand this life

What is forever, when happiness doesn’t last?

What is love in a world of hate?

What forever when life doesn’t last?


Me as Tamia

I’m speaking of life as if I was born in history

all this feels like I got the experience of the old generation

I get the past.


Whoever borrows this please take it back

is there any life after this life I wonder

One Day I will be a dream to those who sleep

I’ll be a history of those who chose fame

I will fade like a star in the clouds

I will sleep without dreaming and breathing

when that day comes my broken heart will shut down

my mind will rest

pain will disappear

my flesh will fade away

only bones will remain as a reminder that I was here

by Tamia Hendricks, 17 years old