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Author: Audery February

  /  Articles posted by Audery February

How does participating in the 16 Days of Activism campaign add any value in a time of hopelessness and complacency? By Traci Hurling According to the SAPS Crime Statistics for the second financial quarter 2023/23, ten women were murdered every day from July to September of this year. Within those three months, there were over 1 500 attempted murders perpetrated against women. Nearly 11 00 rape cases were

Being woman is a gift that we've been blessed with. Being woman for many is motherhood, marriage and becoming a housewife. Being woman is being a strong example in your community. A woman's role in society is often looked upon as an obligation. Something you have no say in. The roles they take on are roles they did not choose. According to the Oxford dictionary, the new

The last 5 months our community was badly affected by gang violence. This really numbed me as a community worker. I’ve been working for the last 15 years in my community this is the worst I’ve ever seen the violence spiralling throughout Manenberg. I’ve seen how young boys between the ages of 14-17 years old who should be in school still ran around with guns. It is

In celebrating Heritage Month and Heritage Day, it is important to celebrate how much improvement we have made as a nation, but also what and whom we have seemingly left behind in our journey forward. The Cape Flats is no stranger to the conversation of what government has left behind in its journey to realise true democracy and equality. Manenberg, the birthplace and home of BRAVE,

The government’s official statement on Freedom Day calls on South Africans to ‘pull together’ over the coming weeks and months to continue the fight against COVID-19. Further, the statement acknowledges that inequality, poverty and unemployment remain the most glaring impediments to South Africa’s goal of national unity and social cohesion. However, the statement fails to acknowledge the government’s own role in impeding the realisation of the