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Another young woman’s life was taken.

Stripped from this earth as though she was nothing.

I am angry, hurt and most of all I want to Shout,

Shout at the people that are supposed to protect us, Shout at the man that felt he had the power to end her life.


This is devastating and infuriating, I mean come on now how many marches and times do you want us to talk and write about the threat of violence against girls and women? You telling me for all the women and girls we lost you just turning a blind eye and overlooking it? Are the people in charge so untroubled or do you only fight for justice, women and girls safety when it hits close to home.


When we march and it gets attention all over the world and it becomes a problem for your image you invite us to have conversations and meetings in parliament “to help you find solutions to make our communities safer” you make all kinds of promises and then when it’s time to own up to it you are dead silent, are you kidding me!


The discomfort about these perpetrators is that their entire existence is because of a woman and yet they think that they are in control of us.

We can’t sit around and do nothing. Enough is enough. I am tired of feeling helpless. I refuse to sit by and watch how my fellow sisters get raped, abused and brutally murdered.

I  will continue the fight against this toxic masculinity and fight for the rights of girls and women.

I wrote this in honor of Elene Lino a young woman from Manenberg who was murdered over the past weekend.

Written by Audery February