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Author: Milk

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BRAVE Rock Girl Audery February was selected as the first BRAVE Adventure Guide to train full-time with Escape+Explore adventure travel company during the recent We Are Africa conference. Audery led travel experts and journalists from around the world up Table Mountain for a sunrise concert, on stand up paddle boards for morning yoga, and around the Cape Peninsula in the BRAVE mobile studio. A huge thanks

In late May, four graduates of BRAVE began teaching after school Rock Girl workshops to the next generation of girl leaders. Lee-Anne Jenkins, Kelly Petersen, Ferlin du Preez, and Audery February are inspiring 40 girls between the ages of 10-13 to follow in their footsteps, ensuring that they know how to stay safe and healthy, speak up, and stay in school. Using the new BRAVE Field

BRAVE trains girls to become leaders who speak up and demand change.  AS youth reporters, the girls document their own stories, and record other girls’ stories to advocate for solutions to the challenges they face, including gangsterism, sexual violence, lack of sanitation, poor reproductive health care, HIV-AIDS, and teen pregnancy. The BRAVE Road Trips resonate with people across South Africa, and the globe.  Since December 2016, BRAVE girls have

Stories from the road of adventure, resilience, and impact. BRAVE was founded by a group of ten year old girls from one of the most dangerous communities in Africa who experienced gang violence, poverty, sexual assault, lack of opportunities, and entrenched gender inequality every day. Unable to participate in a running program after school, they decided to create their own safe space, then start exploring their country. Today,